The Islands of the Bahamas. 

When you look 50 miles east of Florida you can see the Bahamas. But, when you look for an exotic vacation you look further. Leo Burnett spotlighted the unknown and colorful experiences native to the Bahamas with a teaser campaign, which had a surprising reveal.

My Role: Concept & Ideation | Design | Art Direction

A small switch in messaging hierarchy in their logo shifted the perception from the familiar to a larger world of adventure within the islands.

Current Logo

To get a glimpse into island life, different pop-ups appeared in major markets. From turning lunch into a tropical happy hour with traditional island food to installing 80,000 pink flamingos in Central Park, each event showed the unique and exotic experiences only the islands could offer.

CREDIT | Agency: Leo Burnett | Creative Director: Todd Thiry | Copywriter: Jim Korakis